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Rail Transport

Anshika Cargo Express is a best rail cargo solutions provider across the India. Our services had improved in effectiveness and capabilities for rail transportation on every passing year. As a best, reliable and experienced railway cargo agent, we can offer a smart way of conveying your freight from one to another place where the railway had reached.
Anshika Cargo Express know our responsibility and committed to managing your rail transportation with robust internal logistics based on the client’s business needs and demand.

Benefits of Railway Cargo Services

Railway Cargo plays a crucial role in the transportation of heavy freight to distant places to carry a heavy volume of goods seamlessly. The rail cargo service is always dependable and economical.

Here are some reasons to take Railways Cargo service:

Most of the transportation trains run at a higher speed than the load trucks. There is a advantage of using railway service over the road in term of speed in moving heavy freight. Even the slower trains run faster than the load trucks.

Minimize Cost
It can be an ideal option over the road for the movement of a large volume of goods to distant places. The Rail cargo service is a possible option for businesses looking for a competent mode of transport in term of costs. The whole logistics chain cost reduces increasing the profitability for shippers.

Rail cargo service has proven reliability and discipline than road transport which gets delayed due to traffics and congestions. Thus, it a natural fit for every business seeking timely delivery of consignments.

Rail freight is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transport solution. Far less CO2 emissions and thus better environmental profile. High capacity gives room for more items. Avoid traffic and driving bans and have your goods delivered in time.

Well Connected and Sustainable
Today, almost every city of India is well connected with Railways making it a possible and sustainable option. Moreover, the Rail cargo service runs efficiently and seamlessly irrespective of weather condition and disturbances.

Why Choose our Rail Cargo Service?

Rail freight transport remains in steady demand regardless of the global economic situation.As a Best railway cargo agent, we can help businesses to bring their goods to the intended market within the stipulated time and in best quality. The segment’s sustainable and dynamic characteristics are high carrying capacity, speed, and maximum cargo safety. Our employees analyze Client needs and cargo characteristics, optimize delivery routes, and estimate costs. Anshika Cargo organizes rail freight transportation for any goods in compliance with set terms regardless of delivery geography.

Our Clients

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